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Mutation GPS® Gene Positioning System

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Harborgen New Technique

One buffer, one tube, one step genomic DNA extracti
The only method in market to extract genomic DNA with one buffer in one tube in one-stepAvoid genomic cross contamination between samples during DNA extraction procedure. Eliminates
Unknown Origin Trace Amount DNA Amplification
PicoGene: a trace DNA amplification Kit Sensitivity: PCR based technique, can ampiified picogram level DNASpecificity: no artifitial sequenceAssembly: the amplified sequence can be
NGS Based DNA Differential Methylation (DDM)
DNA methylatome / profile / pattern comparation Protein-DNA interaction / TF binding difference between samples Transcriptome / RNA expression exploration Development / cell phenot
qPCR Based Global Methylation Sysytem
NanoMeth - A Novel Global Methylation Quantitative Kit Accurate: detect 0.5% difference Sensitive: a single cell level Simple: Realtime PCR based assay Fast: Less than a day
Multiple function 2x PCR master mix
· Direct gel-loading· No need Ethidium Bromide staining· Used for regular genotyping: The gel running result can be seen under UV or blue light · Used for real time PCR and/or g


Gene Positioning System (GPS) applications

Sleeping Beauty Transposon integration site and num
Sleeping Beauty Transposase is currently being used in clinical trials for leukemia and lymphoma. It inserts the DNA into genome at random, so the DNA inserts could disrupt the cell
Differential Methylation based on NGS
Using Harborgen's GPS technology, a Genome Methylation Library (GML) can be established. Analyzing the NGS result between GMLs will be got the Global Differential Methylation.
CRISPR/Cas9, ZFN, and TALEN off-target insertion
CRISPR/Cas9, ZFN, and TALEN enable targeted genome editing in cells and organisms, but they are limited by off-target insert mutations and unwanted chromosomal translocations.
Gre and reporter gene knock in region and position
The interaction between local enhancers and the enhancer in front of Cre recombinase can affect the expression pattern of both local gene and Cre recombinase. The different insert l